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Why 21 Day Fix?

Ok, I know, you’ve heard me talk about this program a lot but there’s a reason for it: it is pretty much the perfect program for ANYONE. Let’s see: I was a injured runner, struggling to lose that last 10 pounds of baby weight… and I completed the program, losing 7 pounds in 21 days. Oh yeah, and there’s my mom who’s 70, and SHE did it, and she lost 6 pounds in 21 days. Uh huh. Need I go on? Ok! Let’s do, and let’s get to the nitty gritty of what this thing is all about.

What is it? The 21 Day Fix is a program that gets you back to the basics by teaching you portion control through clean eating. Have you seen the infomercials by Autumn Calabrese with all of those brightly colored containers? That’s the one. It’s one of the first at-home fitness programs that put the emphasis on the nutrition side of things: you learn not only what you should be eating, but when and how much as well with a flexible meal plan. There is no more guessing when you sit down to plan out your meals for the day, or the week for that matter.

And even better, the workouts are only 30 minutes long (so you’re in and you’re out) and they cover a variety of styles — cardio, strength, pilates, yoga and plyo. They are designed to include modifications for every move so that you have a lower impact option. It’s really great for people who simply don’t have a lot of time to spend working out or getting to and from a gym, which is pretty much most of us, right?

What happened when I did it? In a nutshell, the program saved my life. Ok, sounds like I’m exaggerating, but really I’m not. I was at a place where I simply could not figure out why I couldn’t lose weight, why I was so physically and emotionally tired, and why I was consistently getting injured. I couldn’t meal plan, or figure out how to make meals for my 2 year old, while taking care of my husband and myself. I had zero energy. And I was literally running myself into the ground trying to get somewhere.

When those crazy containers entered my life, little did I know that in three weeks I would lose the weight (that I thought would never come off), and I would finally have a PLAN! And the plan was something that I could continue as a lifestyle. This was not a diet, it was honestly as if I unlocked a secret code: no longer did I feel guilty when I went out to eat, or to a party, because I knew how to eat! I was finally armed with solid guidelines… and I didn’t have to count calories, I simply had to know my colored containers. As a visual person, this finally made so much sense! Oh yeah, and eating gluten free on this program even became easier. Who knew that getting control of my nutrition was going to be the key in all of this? I no longer had to work out longer, I just had to eat & work out smarter.

This is the program that made me want to become a fitness coach. Why? Because it was that life-changing for my entire family: it gave my son his mom back and my hubs his wife back. And if it could happen to me, then it could happen to you, and I want to teach you how.

Should you do it? I recommend this program a lot to stressed out people, moms like myself, people who have plateaued and are bored, people who have a lot of weight to lose, people who want to only lose a few pounds, folks who want to learn about clean eating, people who are young, people who are old… you see what I’m doing here? Yep, it’s for everyone! Because it takes you back to the basics… you guys, it teaches you HOW TO EAT for YOUR BODY. It saves you valuable time because it takes out the guesswork out of meal planning AND it gives you structured workouts that are totally quick and doable.

Oh, do you wanna see the amazing meals I’ve had while on this plan (now going on 10 months strong)? Yep even pizza. Because this is not about restrictions. This is about learning portions and balance.


Did you know? Most of my challengers have lost 6-9 pounds doing their first round of 21 Day Fix with me. Amazing, right? Changing your nutrition makes all the difference. Here’s my Day 1 on the left, and here’s where I am today. I don’t know about you, but seeing how much I’ve changed emotionally from those pictures is what tells the biggest story. I’ve never felt stronger, more connected, and in charge of my own goals than before. And this program is what got me started!


So… what now? Well, you gotta put a little skin in the game to get started an the best and most cost-effective way to do that is to purchase a Challenge Pack! That will get you the 21 Day Fix program in its entirety: the DVDs, the meal plan & guidebook, and a month’s supply of Shakeology (a superfood smoothie). But it also gets you enrolled in my Challenge Group, which honestly is the secret-sauce to all of this. It’s our community, our tribe, our place where we go to share our daily struggles and highs. While we talk about our journey, we ask a ton of questions and guide each other through sharing our personal recipes, planning tips, workouts… and honestly, where we celebrate each others successes along the way. There’s nothing better than having the support of like-minded people who have your back day in and day out.

And that’s what I’m here for. So let’s do this!

If you’re ready, drop me a line, or click here to get your Challenge Pack. Then I will place you into the next challenge group and we’ll work together towards your fitness goals!

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