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Why 22 Minute Hard Corps?

Move over 21 Day Fix, you’ve met your match. Kidding/not kidding. I mean, you guys know my heart is 21 Day Fix since it truly taught my how to fuel my body through clean eating. But then, well then this program took it NEXT LEVEL, folks. Why? Well for one, I just got 8 minutes knocked off my normal 30 minute daily workout, so there’s that. And then two… this program gave me abs. ABS!!! In just 22 minutes a day. At 41 years old and a complicated c-section, I NEVER thought I’d ever see abs happen. Wanna know how they showed up? Ok, here’s the nitty gritty.

What is it? 22 Minute Hard Corps is a bootcamp-style workout that works your whole body. The workouts are, as I mentioned, only 22 minutes long so if you’re busy (like me) or have a kiddo that gets up at 5:30 am every morning and you need to just crank it out before they do, well then it’s perfect. There is a modifier for each move in case something is too hard. The workouts feature a unique blend of cardio and resistance training that targets major muscle groups in your body too… totally military style. In fact, you’re literally working out with real military officers, so it’s hard not to be pumped up about it all.

The workouts go FAST. And by fast, I mean, not a ton of breaks, so you get in and you get out. I love that. You repeat drills and Tony (yep Tony Horton) knocks’ em out in perfect succession for you – you’ll find yourself repeating the counts right along with everyone else, which I find really fun and motivating. You even can use a sand-bag that comes with the program instead of weights, and make it like a true bootcamp!

Some days you’ll do resistance training, some days you’ll do cardio. Three times a week you add in an extra 10 minutes of ab work, which was my favorite. Normally I skip this part, because you know, like everyone else, adding something “extra” in is too much to a long workout, but since it’s then only like 30 minutes, what they heck, totes doable. And you guys, this made a huge difference in the abs that showed up on my doorstep 8 weeks later.


Well, that and following the nutrition too. Always the key, right? Yup. Same meal plan that I’ve been following for a year now based on the 21 Day Fix portion control color-coded container system. I love it, it is super easy to follow and modify for any kind of diet (like vegan or gluten-free like me). And of course, it includes Shakeology, that superfoods protein smoothie that feels like you’re cheating, but actually you’re drinking all your vitamins and then some. Winning. (And yes, I even ate those awesome blueberry muffins with my son!)

What happened when I did it? Well, in a nutshell I wasn’t really wanting to lose weight, I simply wanted to maintain BUT start seeing some definition, build muscle, create a stronger core and maybe, just maybe, see some improvement with my running. And when I say improvement, I mean, take some time off my training mileage. ALL OF THE ABOVE happened (and I actually lost weight too).


Not only did I scrape almost a minute off my training mile, going from a comfortable 9ish minute into the low 8’s, I got myself a new PR during the hottest Peachtree Road Race to date — shaving 4 minutes off my previous time (52:42). Yep, I’ll take it. (That’s my “PR Jar” with my new one in there, and oh, me and MY coach, Devon, who got me on this crazy coaching ride. In turn, I got her to sign up for her first 1/2 marathon!)

Why did all this amazingness happen? I believe it’s due to my increased core and leg strength this program gave me. I mean, I actually still lost weight but gained inches in my thighs — so helloooooo muscles!

What happened when my challengers did it? This is the best part. I’ll let them tell you the story with this picture below. But in a nutshell, they gained a helluva lot of confidence and had so much fun in the process.


Should you do it? Personally, I recommend this program to people who have done bootcamp style workouts in the past and loved them, to people who simply don’t have a lot of time and need to get something done quickly, to runners who are looking for a great cross-training program, to folks who are interested in clean-eating and better nutrition, and for anyone looking to tighten and tone quickly. Yeah, it’s a little more advanced then 21 Day Fix, but honestly, I think I would have been happy starting up with this program just the same since I love bootcamps! It is simply SO doable for anyone, especially with the support of a community.

Oh, so that said… yeah. The COMMUNITY! That’s the secret sauce, right? Caroline and Julie (the above ladies with the awesome results) were part of my challenge group and told me that was the thing that helped them push through it all. Seriously, it really is a wonderful when you have the support of like-minded people who literally have your back day in and day out, who are doing the work alongside you and lifting you up in the process!

Wanna get in there and join this amazing tribe? Yes? Let’s talk then. This program is actually on sale right now, so let’s hook you up with the most cost-effective way to join by purchasing a Challenge Pack! That gets you the DVDs, meal plan & guidebook, that crazy sandbag I mentioned, the portion control containers, a month’s supply of ShakeO (the superfood smoothie) AND of course, enrollment into my Challenge Group.

You ready? Drop me a line or click here to get your Challenge Pack. Then I’ll place you immediately into my next group and we’ll make quick work of getting you to your goals! As I think you can probably tell, this program really was life-changing for me (can we say “hellllooooo abs” again? ha!), and I know it can be for you too. Let’s do this!



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