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Our 3 Day Refresh journey & results.

Never in my right mind would I think I’d be posting a before/after photo, but you guys, I am truly impressed with the 3 Day Refresh, from an emotional and physical perspective. And if I can help just one other person with this, then so be it… so here are some pictures of my very pale post-baby tummy for you! You’re welcome. But seriously, not only did I lose more weight (and general bloat) than I had expected, I simply reconnected to my “Why” in a way that brought me closer to my goals. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”… well, I heard it loud and clear during these past 72 hours.

As I had mentioned before, the hubs wanted to try this out so I obliged. Admittedly for the past few months I’ve been eating less and less clean. And as my training runs have gotten longer, I’ve continually “rewarded” myself here and there with cheats: from my son’s snacks to full on finishing his plate. I guess I had kept thinking, “Well, I just ran 10 miles, it’s no big deal”, but in reality, it’s all been adding up and I’ve not only gained weight, but felt lethargic and out of control.

After that realization I was ready. And I know firsthand that having someone in your corner cheering you on and doing the work alongside is the “secret sauce” to completing a challenge, so we set up a Challenge Group and got to work.

The wonderful thing about this program is it’s not a starvation diet. Yes, it is limited calories, but beside the 3 shakes + fiber drink you have during the day you ALSO get to have a gorgeous lunch, snack and dinner. Here are a few of the meals I got to enjoy over the past 72 hours…


… amazing, right? In fact, I had a hard time finishing that spinach salad.

I’m not gonna lie, the past three days weren’t easy. But I had a strong “Why”, and committed to it and followed the program precisely. What does that mean? The hubs and I did not cheat. Well, I actually put a splash of almond milk in my morning coffee but beyond that, for 3 days, I followed the plan. Amazingly, I lost FOUR POUNDS AND 2.25 INCHES and the hubs lost 6 POUNDS AND 4 INCHES (dude that’s like a tiny baby, peeps!)… but even more so, we just feel amazing.

I also learned so very much about myself and my body during this time. I learned that I CAN do hard things. It showed me that eating vegetarian a few days a week with the hubs and my son is a really good thing. In fact, my 2 year old watched every meal we ate, and followed suit: he loved the steamed vegetables and the raw salads and preferred to eat those with us. Yet another testimony that our kids see what we do and want to be a part of it all. Completely made me recommit to clean-eating! I also realized that I tend to eat on autopilot, or perhaps at a time dictated by my son’s schedule, not necessarily when I’m hungry. I truly reconnected to my body’s inner timing by doing this. Oh! And it also showed me just how much water is a factor in keeping your body doing what it needs to do. Simple stuff, but really eye-opening.

All in all, we are so thankful that we did this together. Both of us had some huge epiphanies about how small changes in our diet create big transformations. We feel rested, restored, and we feel happy that we took on a challenge and succeeded! We are now so much more closer to our goals! Sometimes you just need a quick win to get refocused again, right?

If you’re interested in taking on the 3 Day Refresh, I’d love to be your cheerleader and help guide you through the process! I think this is a great program if you’re wanting to dig in to clean-eating and start anew. Read more about the program sign up options, then drop me a line so that we can get you on your way to wellness!

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