I know, right? I had no idea what a challenge group was either at first! In a nutshell, it’s a private online group where members check in after their workouts, share recipes, talk about nutrition, celebrate successes and cheer each other on. Think of it as your place to go when the going gets tough, a group that you can connect with at any time.

Honestly, this is the secret sauce to your chosen program. I was hesitant at first too. I remember thinking, “What are a bunch of strangers going to do to help me?” I just need to get my exercise on, not check in with a group!” Man, was I wrong. This group of like-minded individuals are the ones that are going to help you keep on keeping on! Not only is it incredibly supportive, it is overwhelming positive. It’s a place where you can go to work on getting yourself healthy — mind, body and spirit. We are all there to lift each other up and be the best version of ourselves.

We work together to figure out precisely what you are working towards as well as your struggles. Is it food? Nutrition? A weight-loss goal? Time & commitment? Stress? The desire to become a stronger athlete/parent/partner? Most likely, it’s a combination of things, and we get to the bottom of it. Even more so, like I had you probably haven’t allowed yourself too much space to think about it as you have put others’ needs before yourself. So we get in there and ask some hard questions.

From there we find a program through Beachbody that matches these goals and needs. Over the years I’ve completed a plethora of programs and never suggest one that I haven’t personally tried or committed to. (In fact, I’ve been doing them for over 6 years!) Most of these programs can work into your already busy lifestyle, and with the help of the challenge group, you won’t be alone in any of this.

Signing up for a challenge group not only affords you everything that Beachbody has to offer, but also private, online support and guidance by me! You get:

  • Proven workout program options that fit into your lifestyle
  • Coaching via my private online support group – by me and absolutely free
  • Daily support through online check-ins with my private accountability group
  • Nutrition plan based on whole, not processed, food
  • Superfood smoothie that fuels your body and curbs cravings
  • Meal-planning guides and tips, recipes, grocery shopping tools
  • Focus on goal-setting, positive change and overall wellness
  • Additional support for vegetarian and gluten-free nutritional lifestyles
  • Invitation to join any and all other Challenge Groups offered down the road, absolutely free

Based on your chosen Program, you will receive:

  • All the workouts on DVD
  • Access to your workouts online via Beachbody OnDemand service
  • Access to other workouts streaming online
  • A workout calendar
  • A month supply of Shakeology in whatever flavor you choose (vegan available)
  • A nutrition guide/booklet

I hear you and I remember thinking the same thing. And I also remember never being able to stay committed to getting to the gym/class, you name it. This is different. Why? Because it is based on changing your habits, which in turn, creates a new, healthy lifestyle.

But yes, you’ll have to give up a little to get a lot. Like what? You’ll need to get rid of all that processed food, junk food and all the stuff that has ingredients listed on the label that that we can’t pronounce. Any negative self-talk or hatred towards your body. Fear and self doubt that you won’t be able to do it. And most of all, excuses. Why? Because we all have ’em, none worse (or better for that matter) than the other. One last thing you’ll need to commit to is a small investment for the program. It’s not much skin in the game when you think about all that you are getting as most programs range from $140-$200 depending on what you choose.

So yes, this really is for you. This is not a diet or a fad. This is something that is completely doable now and for the long haul.

I know you see me as someone who just ran a marathon and so you think I’m way further on my journey so it’s hard to relate. But remember, I wasn’t that person 2 years ago. I was a new mom, suffering from PPD, not able to lose the last 30 pounds of baby weight after trying countless workout options (like joining a morning boot camp and hiring a personal trainer at the gym). I thought I was eating healthy, but honestly had no idea how to feed my family and my newborn at the same time. I had no energy to give to anyone, much less expend on any type of fitness routine.

So I chose a program that literally got me my life back and it has continued to work for me for 9 months now. It is simple, easy to follow, and I can adapt it to my incredibly busy lifestyle. I now run 2 companies and stay at home with my son, and I still have time to challenge myself beyond these programs with running races. How? I have the support with the online accountability group and the energy through the knowledge I gained regarding nutrition — specifically, how to properly fuel my body through food.

The workouts I do take anywhere from 30-45 minutes of my day. That’s it! I have been following the 21 Day Fix container system since April, which I find is incredibly easy-to-follow. Having this now makes it so much easier to grocery shop, and I can do it in 30 minutes with a screaming toddler in my cart. And dare I say, the money I spend on groceries weekly is LESS than what I was spending before because I know precisely what we will be eating on a daily basis. I typically use Shakeology as my lunch, and it has also completely replaced all of my supplements and vitamins. I use other Beachbody products from the performance line for when I’m doing race training, and I’m happy to share more about that if you want to drop me a line!

But the most important thing that I do is I check in daily with my challenge group. This is what keeps me accountable and on track. When I see other people in the group who are having a challenging day and they are still getting their 30 minutes of exercise in, I realize pretty quickly that there should be no excuses for me either! It is highly motivating. Plugging in and seeing new recipes in there makes me excited to meal plan and try new things. Having others cheer me on is like getting that sticker on my report card at the end of the day! And dammit, I want that sticker! (Yes, it brings out the competitor in me, and I love that!) Plus everyone is so supportive, it makes you determined and grateful. The positivity it has brought into my life has been the game-changer, allowing me to create goals for myself I never would have dreamed of.

I’m so excited to partner with you on your journey! You got this. Drop me a line and let’s get started! I’ll respond back to you with a few questions so we can figure out which Program will be right for you, and of course, get you squared away for the next Challenge group to join. I’m eager and grateful to work with you!