My Core De Force Journey & Results — 7 inches and 4 pounds down in 30 days!
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My 30 Day Journey with Core de Force

Well looky there, that’s a nice pic of my armpit. I kid, I kid. Seriously I wanted to give you exactly what went down when I completed Core de Force and there you have it. I have NEVER seen such significant change (7 inches and 4 pounds) in such a short period of time (30 days)! So needless to say I was pretty stunned. AND drumroll… I WAS NOT PERFECT. Far from it in fact as I meandered my way through a difficult holiday month. But you know, that’s life right?

Like I have always said, the secret sauce, otherwise known as the accountability group, is what makes the difference. We all knew each others goals going into it… so while the gluten free pumpkin pie and stuffing was being passed around, I knew that not only could I partake, but I never really had to fall far from the wagon. I had my girls who lifted me up daily, and I had their backs too. And dang did we make 30 days go by fast together!

What is this program all about?
Have you heard of MMA style workouts? MMA stands for mixed martial arts (yeah, I didn’t know either). So, about 3 days a week you’re doing amazing kick boxing & punching moves. These MMA workouts are super fast-paced. In between sets of kicks, Joel & Jericho get your heart rate going with pushups, jumps, lunges and squats before a “buzzer” goes off. It’s intense and fun and it makes the 30 – 45 minutes go by in a blink. On the other 3 days the workouts are more strength based, but you’re simply using your body weight. I honestly had no idea there were that many ways to do a push up! And the first week I felt it… but I honestly have never looked this shredded in my arms (especially shoulders), so it was worth every last one. A few times a week you add in a 5 or 12 minute core workout that truly complements the high-paced cardio. As a runner, I loved being able to add this in knowing it would help my posture, and didn’t take long to add in. This program showed me that I actually can have a strong core again post c-section, something I didn’t think possible.

What about the food?
Well, I followed the same portion-control system that I know and love and have been eating on since starting my journey many moons ago. The cool thing is that with Core de Force, you get to add in a few portions as the weeks progress, so I got to eat EVEN MORE FOOD. Honestly, I find eating “on plan” to be a lifestyle now, and adding in an extra fruit and healthy fat through me for a loop in the beginning! But hey, bring on the cheese! Converting it to a gluten-free plan is not difficult either, and as you can see Park and I got to make our favorite banana bread together and not feel one ounce of guilt. And yup, Shakeology is part of the plan as well, which is something Park and I love too! Personally, it helped me get through the holiday pie cravings but also I found that having it right after my workout was key to help with that extra hit of superfoods and protein.

Core de Force Meal Plan

Who’s this program really for?
When this program first came out, I was pretty nervous about it because it looked like it fell into the intermediate to advanced category of workouts… and that meant I was probably gonna struggle a bit. I know NOTHING about martial arts, a little about kickboxing, and am pretty uncoordinated to say the least. I would say it took me a little bit to “ramp up” — but there is a nice video that demos the moves before you get into each workout, so I watched those to figure out my form. It took me a week to really get it down, but the workouts truly progress week after week and it’s surprising how your body just memorized the motion. I’m on round 2 now and feel it is truly perfected. There is also a modification and actual modifier during the workouts, so if you need to back off a bit, you have that option. So truly, this program can be doable for anyone! These women (quoted below) definitely make that point clear.

Core de Force Quotes

Do you need a lot of space with all that kicking?
Well I did this program in my dingy basement in about a 8 foot by 8 foot square space. It was totally doable and so nice because you don’t need any added equipment. Also, look at that calorie burn? I will never get over the fact that you can do something like that in such a short period of time in the comfort of your own home. Because lawd knows my butt can’t make it to a gym with a 3 year old! (PS. My son did a lot of these workouts with me and we had a blast kicking through them together!)

Core de Force calorie burn

What’s the BEST part about it?
EMPOWERMENT. There is nothing more satisfying than punching and kicking, right? I mean, have a bad day? Great, pop in this DVD. Get out some frustrations. Kick your way through it. It’s the same feeling I get with distance running, you just feel BOSS. And that is a great feeling. Strong women are empowered women, right? And what’s even better is that you get to feel this empowered with a GROUP of women, right alongside you in a challenge group.

If this program resonates with you, don’t hesitate to drop me a note! You can even click here to read more about it. I’m currently working on creating a cross-training running program utilizing Core de Force and can’t wait to share with you the results from my next half marathon. I’ve never felt stronger as a runner, from the inside-out.

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