10 last minute stocking stuff Ideas for the runners on your list
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10 last minute gift ideas for runners

Have you waited until the final week before Christmas to do your shopping? Nope? Oh ok, just me then. Actually I did quite well this year, but still am finding those last minute stocking stuffers for the hubs. Came up with a few things I’m really excited about and know he will be too. Shhhh don’t tell him though, k? Oh and all of this stuff will ship quickly so you’ll still get it in time for the happy runner in your life. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

1. The Lumo Run Sensor This thing is seriously from the future. You clip it on to your pack or shorts/pants while your running and it provides stats about your cadence, braking, bounce, pelvic rotation and drop. You even get personalized coaching via their app. Basically, it’s just a really cool tool to help figure out some tweaks you can make on your form to get stronger and faster. I’m excited to see how this added information helps my hub while he trains for his next marathon.

2. The Flip Belt Did you happen to upgrade to an iPhone 7 recently and did you find that now you can’t run with ANY of your belts because it doesn’t fit? Yup. So annoying. Thankfully Flip Belt came up with a new, wider model with a zipper option. Problem solved.

3. Injinji Toes socks My hubby swears by the toe socks. I’ve yet to try them, as I love my Balegas (another awesome option). It’s helped him on his longer runs by keeping his toes completely dry and sweat free. No rubbing or blisters.

4. Born to Run & Eat & Run / Runner’s Magazine Two great books that have been on our list for awhile. There’s nothing more motivating or inspiring than a great book about running. And Runner’s Magazine was my hubby’s favorite gift under the tree last year! Honestly, I look forward to getting in the mail every month — chock full great tips for seasoned and newbie runners.

5. JBL Wireless Headphones These headphones are great because you don’t have to be tethered to your phone! My JBLs have never failed me and even have reflective material on them, specifically for runners. They are super comfortable for long runs, I’ve been able to keep them charged even for a full marathon. Gotta love that.

6. Customized Race Map This is hands down my favorite gift I had made this year. I chose my hubby’s latest marathon, which just happens to be his PR of 3 marathons. They designed it in just a few days, and even tweaked the colors for me — no charge. I can’t wait to see this hung near our race medals… and I can’t wait to get a new one made for his next marathon PR!

7. Rain Gear When you’re training for a marathon, you most likely are gonna be doing some longer runs in the rain, and that can kinda suck. Having something light weight that will breathe and not make things 1000 degrees warmer isn’t easy to find. Loved this man’s LSD running jacket that you can actually roll up and hook to your belt so you can remove it during your run if the weather clears.

8. Night Gear And since we’re talking about rain gear, what about early morning and late night running? Most of us have probably cheaped out on a headlamp, and after a while running with them the light just gives out or it gets really uncomfortable on your head. Upgrading to the Petzl headlamp was one of our smartest decisions. Love that it tilts and you can have 2 different light modes. Could make a great stocking stuffer!

9. BondiBand Did you know you can actually design your own headband? How cool is that! I’m definitely going to craft a “Chase Your Happy” one at some point. I love these headbands and feel like they are the only ones that don’t slip, no matter how sweaty I get.

10. Cross Training Program Well you know I couldn’t leave that out, cross training has changed our running game significantly! This could definitely be a great stocking stuffer. Our favorites for our running regime are Hammer & Chisel (the hubs) and 21 Day Fix Extreme (me). You could even sign someone up for a free 30 day trial to see which one they would prefer.

Hope these give you some ideas to scoop up next week before Christmas gets here! What’s gifts have made your list this year, or are you hoping to get?

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