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Gluten-free favs.

Going gluten-free was incredibly daunting for me, and as I mentioned, I fought it pretty hard. Honestly, eight years ago there just weren’t a ton of options, and the options that were out there were pretty terrible. Super high in sugar or other added “flavor” (whatever that means), and the pasta options were laughable. Basically everything was simply made with rice or corn. OR you had to make everything on your own, and mixing your own flours was like going back to science class: super precise, tons of equipment, and lots of failing experiments.

If you find yourself in the situation I was in — needing to make a change due to an allergy — I thought I’d share a list of my favorite gluten-free pasta & bread products that I eat on a weekly basis. The wonderful thing about adopting a clean-eating lifestyle is that I actually don’t depend too heavily on wheat-free options these days — no junk food means a shorter list of gluten-filled concerns. Winning.

Jovial Pasta (pictured above): The texture and flavor is pretty good for the price. The egg noodles are wonderful, most gluten happy peeps can’t tell difference. But the best product they make is their no-bake lasagna noodles. Even my Dad didn’t notice it was gf (he even liked it better).

Three Bakers bread: I could do a happy dance right now thinking about this bread. The loaf is small & a bit dense (and frozen) BUT the 3 grain tastes beautifully nutty and doesn’t fall apart. Even the crust is good.

O’Doughs Gluten Free Bagels: The first time I ate these I tweeted the company directly to tell them that I was crying because they made me so happy. While thin, they taste like the real deal. I eat one every day. Yes, every damn day because they are that yummy.

Annie’s Rice Pasta: My son loves this option for his mac ‘n cheese. Don’t judge me.

Rudi’s spinach tortillas (frozen): A great option to sneak in a little veggie into your kiddo’s meals. I wrap turkey & cheese in there for a healthy snack. Non-GMO, no high-fructose corn syrup. I like their multigrain hamburger buns as well, but honestly, I don’t eat them that much anymore as I prefer to “hold” the bun. Don’t giggle.

Van’s waffles: Thank goodness for these. They crisp up beautifully and the “Ancient Grains” has 6 g of fiber in it.

Cup 4 Cup: If you’re going to bake ANYTHING, look no further. I have failed so many times trying to make muffins, loaves of bread, cookies, cake, pizza dough, you name it… all suck, except for when I use this product. It is way more expensive than other doughs, but you don’t have to mix a ton of stuff together (like xanthan gum or additional tapioca flour) to get the right consistency. It just works. Don’t question it.

So I’m sure there are so many more out there I’ve yet to try too, so I’d love to hear yours! What can’t you live without?

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