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No more resolutions, just one word instead.

With New Years Eve upon us, I just sat down to my computer to start thinking about my resolutions. Hilariously, I actually take them very seriously. I find it helpful with goal setting — there’s some excitement to it too, a clean slate. But something happened this past year that made me realize my previous resolutions were actually holding me back. You see, they were so focused, so pin-pointed on particular goals, that they didn’t let me reflect on the purpose.

So what happened that’s changed my mind? Well, I’ve realized that if I just focus on the goal, then I treat it like something to check off the proverbial list and I don’t really focus on WHY I’m actually doing it. I lose sight of the bigger picture and become that “A+ student” where I just want to get it done. I forget about enjoying the journey. Like if I say, ok I want to run 6 half marathons this year and then I just start checking off the resolution list, well WHY am I doing this? What good will it do me if I don’t understand why I’m passionate about doing it?

So this time, I’m doing it differently. I’ve chosen a word to focus on instead. Just one for the entire year. A word that will be the driver for all the things I wish to accomplish in 2017. And if I start doing something that doesn’t harken back to that word, then I know I’ve veered off course and need to right the ship. The word?


The idea that we have the power to CREATE is huge! I know there are so many times where I think I simply have to toe the line, or do the things I’ve previously done simply because there is no other way. But in fact, we all have the power of creation. We have that choice. Aren’t happy where you are right now? Ok then. Do it differently. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but you have that power.

Create a new path when everyone else just sees the road ahead. 

Because here’s the thing: I thought I was stuck last year. The hubs and I spent about half of it without his income after he unexpectedly lost his job, not knowing where we were going to end up. So we got creative. And it was scary as hell. I picked up as much work as I could with photography and I also pushed hard with my coaching job all while caring for our son. And somehow we were able to stretch 5 months of pay into 9 doing just that… knowing exactly what we wanted (and what we didn’t want).

Getting creative and carving a new path saved us. 

The simple fact that I had this opportunity as a coach this past year gave my family so much during this time — beyond the income. It gave me focus, drive and quite honestly, it kept us healthy from the inside-out during such a stressful time. And now it has grown into something I hadn’t thought possible. It has been a gift. So when I think about that, the word “create” is where my journey as a coach all started. Moving into 2017 I will be using it as my guiding light:

I want to help create healthy change for others.

I want to create a life by design and build the road towards financial freedom.

I want to create a balanced home life.

Maybe these are things you want for yourself too? I wonder that. After what happened to me last year, I know it is possible.

This year I will be creating (see, there it is) even more tools to help more people live healthy, fulfilling lives. And I’ll also be growing my team, who will be doing the same for others. This giving key with the word CREATE on it will be given to my team members when they begin to build and grow their teams. And then when their team members start growing their teams, they will pass their key on to them. How cool is that? Over time, it will become an heirloom! I wonder many hands it will go through next year?

Maybe it will go to you? I’m dead serious.

Have you ever been curious about how this coaching thing works?

Please know I’m an open book about it all and would love to speak with you about it. Even through such a challenging, difficult year, it has also been the most rewarding and life-changing, GROWING year I’ve ever had, and it all started when someone asked me that same question.

You have the power to create your path. You do.

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